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Your high-performance mindset coach, Dr. Jay Cavanaugh
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Dr. Jay Cavanaugh is a high-performance mindset coach for professional athletes.

His career in mental coaching started in motorsports and has moved into tennis.

Jay has played tennis since childhood and now brings his championship-winning skills to you and your tennis game.

Whether it’s tennis, racing cars, supermoto, motocross, or a tennis match, competition is in his blood.

You can find him playing tennis a few times a week in Connecticut, USA.

Get the mental skills training you need to compete at the highest level of tennis.

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Our Success Began In Motorsports

The “RAK”, in RAK Tennis, stands for Random Acts of Kindness.

Our original athletes performed random acts of kindness in order to stay part of the program.

This taught them gratitude and the importance of service.

We became very popular due to our original success in Motorsports with RAK Racing.

This is where we helped compete at Red Bull Straight Rhythm and beat the legendary Travis Pastrana.

RAK-Racing is where you can see our greatest ear accomplishments and testimonials.

We now primarily focus on helping tennis players develop the same game-winning mindsets required in order to compete at the highest level.


Our mission is to build the character and confidence of our tennis athletes both on and off the court.

Athletes come to us to become better tennis players but leave us becoming better human beings.

All of our athletes are driven and hungry to win, we just offer them tools they were never taught.

Our message is one of growth, opportunity, and curiosity.

A curiosity of the world, our minds, and how we perceive our life’s experiences.

Join us for a journey of self-growth and self-discovery.

Powered by The Vibe Mindset

Our mental coaching for tennis is powered by the core philosophy of The Vibe Mindset which optimizes our three superpowers:

  • Perspective
  • Imagination
  • Emotion

To tap into the power of our mind we need to become limitless by using our superpowers.

RAK Tennis and our coaching programs are powered by teachings and the techniques of The Vibe Mindset which builds better mental habits.

Upgrade your mindset by revamping the way you think to ramp up your vibe!
illustration of The Vibe Mindset

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